MARC delagrange

Welcome to the optical gallery, an inspiring concept of art and eyewear.

For a long time it has been the ambition of Marc Delagrange to find a venue where he could exercise his professional activities as an optometrist and eyeglasses designer and in the same time get the opportunity to share his passion for modern art. Now that he has found the right place, Marc Delagrange Optical Gallery has become so much more than a standard eyewear boutique or an average art gallery.

The glorious building of the late 19th century has turned into a splendid concept store which is on the one hand a charming boutique eyewear store, on the other hand an inspiring art gallery. Furthermore there is a small museum showing the history of eyewear.

The eyewear shop

The central part of the building is the flag store of HENAU, eyewear brand designed by Marc Delagrange. Inside the refined rooms with stylish decoration and renovated ceilings you can find the complete collection of the impressive Henau collection as well as other well-chosen exquisite eyewear brands.

The art gallery

The unique location and concept allows to show contemporary art to people who would not enter art galleries easily. In the meantime, it is introducing top artists to art lovers who are eager to discover a place that allows encounters between various worlds of artists in today's society. Visitors will be offered the opportunity to experience art in diverse spaces such as basements, living rooms, a gate house, the garden and a large courtyard of the adjoining industrial building.

* private parking om de hoek vlaanderenkaai 7
* gallery ook op afspraak

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